After 30 years of consulting in virtually every industry and service sector, I am well prepared to assist your organization in achieving your world class vision.

Consulting, Lean Assessments, Kaizen facilitation, Customized Webinars and Distance Learning

In addition to writing a number of award winning books, I have developed a number of tools described in my seven books placed these tools in the GOOGLE cloud (my google drive).  There is over 10 gigabytes of data related to many of the 160 tools in the Lean Thinker's toolbox.

These tools fall into one of four categories: Lean, People, Quality and Resource management.

Within the Lean category, for example there are nearly two dozen folders representing primary tools such as: Set-up reduction, Value stream mapping, Total productive maintenance, 5-S, Kanban, Facility Layout, Takt time, among others.  Within each folder there are generally five sub-folders titled: Overview training, case studies, videos, forms and exercises.  These folders contain samples and examples from over 1,600 projects which I have helped to facilitated. 

As a former Continuous Improvement Manager, I realize that one of the greatest contribution I can provide to fellow C.I. facilitators is 'ready to use' materials like PowerPoint Training slide decks, Excel spreadsheets and forms that would help avoid reinventing the wheel.

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