Operational  Exellence

Two Time Shingo Prize Award Winning Author, Trainer, Kaizen Facilitator

350 clients, 1600 projects


A two-time Shingo Prize recipient and Lean manufacturing consultant; I have worked with over 350 clients in a wide variety of organizations including non-manufacturers.  Operational excellence principles apply to any process, and removing the common forms of waste (transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production, over-processing, defects and the under-utilization of talent has taken me to nearly every US State and Canadian Province.  Along the way, I have collected case studies, samples and examples of how "Thinking Lean" can help any organization in any sector and of any size.

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Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop was my first book, published in 2001 by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  That first book won the prestigious Shingo Prize (named after famed Toyota Engineer Shigeo Shingo)

Since then I have written six additional texts on the subject of continuous improvement.

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My client list includes hundreds of manufacturers as well as wide a variety of medical facilities, mental health providers,  governmental offices and countless other service organizations.

Here is just a small sample:

  • Precision Cast Components

  • Leupold Stevens

  • NIke

  • Alberta Canada Immigration Dept.

  • Mercy Medical Hospital

  • GM Nameplate

  • Deluxe Corporation

  • Job Growers (now WWP)

  • Canon (flatbed printers)

  • Keith Walking Floors

  • Adapt Oregon (mental health)




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