Operational Excellence...

...not just for manufacturing

We can assist you in achieving your world class objectives,

regardless of your business model.

Two time shingo prize recipient; Author and consultant gary conner can assist you and your team achieve your vision


In person or via the internet, we are able to share 25 years of experience working with every imaginable type of organization.  Virtual consulting is now possible and significantly reduces the cost of consulting.

We have developed a product that will soon be available for distribution.  

The OP-EX Universe is at present over 10 Gigabytes of data representing over 25 years of experience applying World Class Business Principles across a wide variety of industries and service sectors.  Within 3 clicks or 30 seconds our goal is to provide you whatever you need to move your team forward; be it a 5-S Audit form, PowerPoint training package, video case study or Exercise.  This package is meant to help avoid having to reinvent the wheel each time you need a tool or technique.

You can see a short YOUTUBE video at this link to help you visualize the OP-EX toolbox.  Contact us to find out how you can obtain a sample.

Call us for an online or in person demonstration of our capabilities:  503-580-1156 

Email:  Gary@Lean1mfg.com

I am proud to be on Staff with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) my email address at OMEP is gconner@omep.org

Our Clients:

Manufacturers (200+)

Medical Organizations

Governmental Administrations


Shingo Prize for Lean Epiphanies

Operational Excellence Education

Operational Excellence